How can we sweat those test assets?

Investment How many of us have embraced the wave of free thinking over the last few years, and started implementing automated acceptance tests in our sleep?  I know that the teams I’ve worked with have, and we have all become increasing better at it at an encouraging rate.  On top of that, we no longer Read more about How can we sweat those test assets?[…]

Keep your eyes on the DSL prize with Twist

Introduction Learning a language can be a challenging task.  The absorption of a lexicon takes time and patience.  Twist can help keep this task achievable for consumers of acceptance tests by allowing the definition of confirmation language to be natural.  This is assuming that the consumers will be business customers or other non-technical people.  If that is Read more about Keep your eyes on the DSL prize with Twist[…]

Configuring Twist for Selenium 2

The Challenge I have been happily using the Sahi driver with Twist for the last few months now.  However, I wanted to try driving some mobile devices in via Twist with Selenium 2 to give our team some extra scope and flexibility.  Fortunately, this proved achievable with a small amount of code and some Spring Read more about Configuring Twist for Selenium 2[…]

Switch Test Runner Browsers Easily

The Problem I recently got frustrated with having to comment in and out settings in the “” file in order to switch browsers when debugging scenarios.  However, luck found its way to a relatively neat solution to my problem. Whilst looking at various ways of managing different browser and application properties for the “build.xml” target, Read more about Switch Test Runner Browsers Easily[…]