Selenium 2 Chrome Switches via ChromeDriver

  Ok, I’m loving the combination of Selenium 2 with Twist.  This is especially true when using the new WebDriver implementation from the Chromium team.  It’s blisteringly fast, and is helping shorten the CI feedback loop even more (very important to our teams!).  Thanks to everyone involved in delivering this to the world.  However, one Read more about Selenium 2 Chrome Switches via ChromeDriver[…]

Logging Selenium 2 Events in Twist

Limitations of using custom drivers I’ve been using Selenium 2 quite heavily with Twist over the last couple of weeks, and a few things have been bothering me.  These things are mainly issues around not using a tightly integrated driver like Selenium 1 and Sahi.  For those drivers, ThoughtWorks have put in a great deal Read more about Logging Selenium 2 Events in Twist[…]

Configuring Twist for Selenium 2

The Challenge I have been happily using the Sahi driver with Twist for the last few months now.  However, I wanted to try driving some mobile devices in via Twist with Selenium 2 to give our team some extra scope and flexibility.  Fortunately, this proved achievable with a small amount of code and some Spring Read more about Configuring Twist for Selenium 2[…]